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A Case for Executive Coaching:

In order for organizations to increase performance, they must invest in their leadership:

  • The executive team needs to keep pace with increasing demands.
  • Leadership should find ways to renew their skills and energy while providing clear direction and support to the staff.
  • Boards must remain strategic and not use their time managing the CEO.

As organizations and individuals  are required to raise the bar and balance priorities, often something gives:

  • An executive is not achieving the desired goals, or the goals change.
  • The executive's approach does not keep pace with the demands of the current environment.
  • There is drop in organizational productivity, stability, or quality; the Board loses confidence and scrutinizes management's decisions.

Our Approach:

Luttgens & Associates provides a guided process and material for professional growth and renewal, helping the client achieve success. The elements of this process include:

  • Building trust between client and coach quickly, to encourage creative thinking and risk taking in a safe and trusting environment.
  • Helping the client develop goals, options, anticipated obstacles, and desired actions to address needs in a systematic and sustainable way.
  • Assisting the client to increase their own self awareness of style, strengths, and blind spots through self assessments and feedback.
  • Supporting leaders through on site observation and discussion as they practice new behaviors in the workplace, and beyond.
  • Providing  resources and books to create a context for change.

Examples of Coaching Clients:

  • A  successful non profit executive had questions about whether it was her attitude or the work environment that was causing her frustration. She needed a thought partner to help her create a plan for balancing her personal and professional life. Through a three month coaching process, she was able to clarify her values, link them to her professional purpose, enhance her self awareness, and renew her commitment to her field with energy and excitement.
  • A seasoned professional was trying to shift from working for others, to trusting his own ability to start a full time own consulting practice. With guidance and relevant resources, he was able to develop a business plan, logo, website, and e commerce strategy to successfully create an entrepreneurial practice with confidence and clarity. 
  • A manager at a large public accounting firm wanted help on developing strategies for career growth and and a plan for reconnecting with her motivation, decisiveness, and commitment. Using the Myers Briggs self assessment tool, she was able to discern her strengths and more forward confidently in the organization.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."

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