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"Lise is an extraordinary leader, teacher, coach and manager. More importantly, she is an amazing person. She cares deeply, gets involved personally, and has an unwavering commitment to quality. She has left her fingerprints on the success stories of many organizations of all sizes and complexity. I would strongly encourage anyone who needs help clarifying the "question", figuring out the "strategy", or implementing the "plan" to contact Luttgens & Associates."
Paul King; President/CEO, Pediatric Management Group/University Childrens Medical Group

"Your leadership style is exemplary. Your ability to problem solve, make necessary changes in the midst of an organization beginning to find itself was not only accepted, but embraced. Your short stay changed our direction to a new, and higher level of execution. Thanks so much for all you did for us. You helped change us forever."
Ron Piazza; VP, Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Southern California Board

"Thank you, Lise, for leaving a legacy of hard work, great focus and extraordinary change."
Andrea Cockrum; CEO, The Fulfillment Fund

"You contributed enormously to CHLA’s and my success. I’ll always be grateful for your support, wisdom, strength and good humor."
Bill Noce; President and CEO Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

"I wish I could spend time at your knee - I know I would learn golden lessons. I want to share my appreciation and admiration for what you accomplished. I believe it is nothing short of miraculous. You have created what seems to be a completely new day. My sense is that the culture has changed significantly. I'm inspired by your accomplishment."
Jay Brand; Board Member Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House.

"You have inspired me to reach deeper within in order to rediscover the love for this work and to share it with all those who I meet. You have touched me and therefore hundreds of others in a profound way."
Carol Dedrich; VP, Development, Special Events and Communications, The Fulfillment Fund.

"As a small group leader, Lise has shown her capacity for authentic compassion as well as demonstrating an ability to guide people in meaningful conversation for their own spiritual growth. She has journeyed with them to some deep places, and enabled them to grow from the experience."
The Reverend Betsy Anderson; Associate Rector, The Parish of St. Matthew

"You stepped in at a critical time and provided an important framework for our transition and transformation. You laid the groundwork for our new permanent CEO and effective teamwork within our senior staff and boards. I learned a great deal from you as I witnessed how you directed our team towards common goals and challenged us to stretch. Our organization now embraces change instead of resisting. Your leadership is indeed transformational!"
Vince Bryson, Executive Director, LA Ronald McDonald House

"There is no way to thank you for all you have done. We are where we are, and will be what we will be, because of your commitment."
Stuart E. Siegel, MD ; Chair, Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Southern California Board

"You held up a mirror to help us see ourselves more clearly and honestly, and then to set about making improvements. We are so much better for having your wise perspective these past two years."
Sherry Banks, PhD.; Director College Counseling, The Fulfillment Fund

"You really made wonderful contributions to RMHCSC. Your impact will last for many, many years."
Fidencio Mares; Board Member and Chair of Strategic Planning Committee, Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Southern California

"Vision is the art of seeing things that are invisible."
Jonathan Swift

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